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Artist Coaching - Become a successful artist by learning it from an experienced art professional.

The best way to learn how to navigate the art world is from someone who’s experienced it themselves. From finding clarity to building your artist career and expanding your network, I am here for you. 

Join the unique 1:1 coaching programme exclusively for visual artists created by the art curator, Vanessa Souli.

Artist Coaching Program 1 - Vanessa Souley
Artist Coaching - Vanessa Souli
Custom strategy for Artist - Vanessa Souli

I help emerging art creators become professional full-time artists. 

Bringing 7+ years of experience in the art world as a curator and arts manager, I give you all the guidance you need to create a successful art strategy. A mix of theoretical knowledge with applicable exercises and business know-how will help you design your individual creative path and gain the recognition your work deserves.

From curator to artist, let's hack the rules of the art game. Together. 


Artist Coaching Program 3 - Vanessa Souley

The A-to-Z Artist Coaching Programme is the only 1-1 live training for visual artists of all media who want to achieve professionalism,
visibility and career clarity.

Artist Coaching Program 2 - Vanessa Souley

C. F. - Poitiers, France

Excellent art coaching program for emerging artists but also for any artist who needs to learn everything about the new means of promoting their work, in a difficult modern time.  Vanessa is at the heart of the rhythm of the art world and its operation as it is today. I highly recommend it to any artist who wants to promote their work on multiple levels. 

5 myths of being an artist  - Vanessa Souli



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Artist Coaching Program 4 - Vanessa Souley

Not sure where to start in the art world?

Boost your career with expert guidance.

Live meetings with the artist's coach - Vanessa Souley


Yes. you read that right. We meet once a week per Zoom to cover all the content. Just the two of us. 

Personal meetings with the artist's coach - Vanessa Souley


Every weekly session is a mixture of theory and personalised application of the content to your case. 

Intensive sessions with the artist's coach - Vanessa Souley


Ca. 5 hours per week are needed for a take-home training task after every session.  

Sitzungen mit dem Coach des Künstlers - Vanessa Souley

In 10 sessions over 10 weeks, you will gain a holistic understanding of the art world, the social and unwritten rules of professional artists as well as proven real-life techniques to create your own 'art world' where you can thrive
Plot twist: Not the way you think it's done!

Vanessa Souli Curator Berlin.JPG


Maybe you still wonder:

what is the difference between this programme and others?

The massive difference is that while other programmes are taught by artists or traditional coaches (mostly studied psychologists or counsellors) who might not have experience in the arts, THIS programme takes as its base the curatorial expertise. This means that together, we discuss the quality of your work, its power to transport your creative message and the steps that are needed to thrive in a competitive art world. This gives you the advantage of touching base with someone who has been choosing works for exhibitions for the past 6 years!


years of experience in the arts as a free curator for art institutions and galleries


curated exhibitions and projects in Germany, France, the Netherlands and beyond


emerging and established artists who have participated in my projects


online formats and showrooms resulting in sales and press coverage

Artist Coaching - Become a successful artist by learning it from an experienced art professional.

What will you learn?

Module 1

​Introduction: Setting Goals and Understanding Priorities

Module 3

The Artworld Specials: Preparing
a Mindset around your Career​

Module 5

Online Presence: Getting More Attention from Experts

Module 7

Curating: Developing Exhibition  Concepts with Relevance

Module 9

Galleries: Getting Gallery Representation

Module 2

Branding Strategy: Building your Special Portfolio & Statement

Module 4

Networking: Finding & Developing the Right Audience

Module 6

Digital Marketing: Social Media & Storytelling

Module 8

Public Relations: Media Contact & Press work

Module 10

​Digital Sales: Online Galleries & Showrooms

And that's only the beginning...

There is so much extra value in this programme!

100% of artists report seeing a big shift in their perspective already during the first 3 modules. 

100% of the artists I coach start creating dramatic change in their career after ca. 4 sessions. 

92% of my clients have participated in my curated shows in the first months of our collaboration. 

Messy portfolio?
Unclear strategy?
No time for Instagram?

Let's solve these issues with holistic coaching. 

Based on your personality and type of art, we define your goals for the future. Together, we lay more focus on the modules that are more relevant to you and your work's ambitions. If you complete the assigned tasks within the 10-week time frame,  you should expect to have clarity and direction about your creative path as well as a website, a professional portfolio and a statement by the end of the programme. 

This programme is perfect if you:

  • identify as a visual artist at any stage of your career

  • have been doing art for years but now is the time to professionalise

  • have been trying to promote your art and haven't brought about satisfactory results

  • don't quite know where to start in the art world 

  • are frustrated over the lack of visibility for your work

  • are not sure how to meet the right people who can bring you forward 

  • are hesitant to name a price or promote your work 

  • don't know which gallery, space or buyer type would be ideal for you 

  • are tired of doing hope marketing and following hear-say advice 

  • are willing to invest 3-5 hours of work every week for 10 weeks

Program for artist coaching in Berlin - Vanessa Souley

How does it work?



In a 40-minute call, we discuss all the specific aspirations, goals and problems you are currently facing in your career. 



After we have specified your exact career goals and wishes, we decide whether the programme is right for you and where to focus. 


Set up

Once we have agreed on the collaboration, we discuss the time and day of our weekly sessions. Punctuality is a requirement.

Artist coaching sessions - Vanessa Souley 
Coaching sessions for artists - Vanessa Souley 
Coaching sessions for visual creators - Vanessa Souley 
Coaching sessions for visual artists - Vanessa Souley 
Artist coaching sessions in Berlin - Vanessa Souley 
Coaching sessions for art creators - Vanessa Souley 

How do our
look like?

Coming soon!

Artist Coaching Program 5 - Vanessa Souley
Badass logo.png

The A-to-Z Coaching Programme, is coming soon as a recorded, self-paced course!

Same value, total flexibility!


Frequently asked questions

Artist Consultation from Berlin : My story

I am Vanessa Souli, curator, arts manager and writer based in Berlin. 

My career started in early 2015 when I started volunteering for museums and art festivals in Greece. 


My professionalisation in the arts went on in 2017 when I got my MA in Art Studies with a specialisation in Curating from the Maastricht University of the Netherlands. A second MSc in Digital Marketing from West London University in 2022 consolidated my ambition to accompany my projects in the digital realm through innovative digital formats and online sales strategies.


The experience from 25+ curated shows, the close collaboration with 200+ artists, the countless curatorial tours and artist talks, the partnership with galleries and art spaces as well as the work in established institutions gave me a solid stepping ground and network in the arts. My passion for writing and the regular contribution of essays to magazines and artist publications further fuels my ambition for effective communication in the digital and physical realm. 


All this experience and knowledge is distilled in the mentoring I offer to artists. 

Vanessa_Souli_arts_manager_curator_writer (3)_3.jpg
K├╝nstler (10).jpg

Contact me

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for submitting!

Artist Coaching Program 7 - Vanessa Souley
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